Our options for your event

Our options for your event

Bespoke package options are available to suit your specific requirements and personal taste.

Architectural Lighting

Make sure your venue is unforgettable by creating a stunning colour lighting scheme.

Slide-shows/Video Projections

Temporary or permanent screens to project your images or pictures during the evening - various sizes available.

White Garlands

Pretty, ready to hang LED garlands that will light up an area, create brilliant lighting effects, or simply decorate your chosen venue.

Disco Ball

Brilliantly effective thanks to its large size and special projectors - perfectly enhanced by mist effects.

Confetti machine

Have even more fun under a shower of white, multicoloured, gold or silver confetti - stunning effect guaranteed.

Décor Lighting

Large areas can be enhanced by great lighting effects to add colour,illuminate a path or simply to light up an area (eg : carparks, facades, monuments).

Sound boost

Intensify sound effects by using multi-speakers in the same room, or by having independent speakers in different rooms.

Bass boost

Finetune the bass without increasing the general level of sound - the music will feel more powerful and sweep you away to its rythm.

Cocktail Reception Musicians

Add a touch of live music to your event. We can put you in contact with a selection of musicians.

Live Music

Why not enjoy the sound of a saxophone, percussions or even a violin during your party... Liveliness and originality will be « au rendez-vous » for sure.

Firework Show

Delight your guests with a truly unforgettable show. Pierre & Musique can organise a superb firework show for you to the rythm of great musical tracks (if conditions allow).


Find other extra effects on our website for private individuals that we can provide for professionals.