Dance machine rental

Dance machine rental

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The « Dance Machine » - hire musical equipment with a playlist custom-tailored to your taste.

Great songs... in the right order... custom-tailored especially for your evening !

Easy to install and easy to use, the ideal partner for parties with family or friends : Birthdays, Charity events, Weddings, Christenings, Retirement parties, Stag parties, Hen parties, House warmings, Work events, etc... there are so many opportunities for you to make the most of the Dance Machine - a simple and inexpensive way to enjoy a great party.

A good alternative solution for only 199 €

How does it work ?

We compile a custom-tailored playlist especially for you. In order to do so, we will need you to fill in an extensive questionnaire and discuss your requirements with one of our professional DJ’s by telephone. We will then add your very own personal playlist to the «Dance Machine» and provide you with a list of all the songs as well as the playlist order.

The machine is extremely easy to use, easy enough for a 5 year old child ! At any time in the evening you will be able to change the order of the songs via the touch screen keypad.

As well as your very own custom-tailored music programme, the « Dance Machine» also has pre-programmed music playlists to accompany your aperitif , dining and the wedding cake’s grand entrance. A microphone is available for you to use for making announcements/speeches, as well as sufficient extra cables for you to connect your own personal music.

An extra, easy to install, optional light kit is available - a fun, festive kick off to your party which will pulse to the beat of the music and get the dance floor really going.

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